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Dr. Arumugasamy Elangovan

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General, Organic and Materials Chemistry


Post-Doctoral-  Synthetic Organic Chemistry - National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan (2001 - 2005)

PhD, Organic Materials Chemistry - University of Madras, Madras, India (1999)

Office:  Science (52)-E40

Phone:  (805) 756-2628


Elangovan’s Research on Chemistry Education is focused on the following themes:

  1. Learning assessment

    a. Researching and developing the various assessment methods with the goal of achieving equitable assessment methods.
  2. Math readiness for entry-level students

    a. Creating, administering and assessing student readiness and implementing course modules to address and bridge gaps in math readiness of entry-level programs.
  3. Course design with focus on bridging opportunity gap among historically underrepresented and minority students (HUMS)

    a. All human beings are born with the same natural ability to learn. We know that socio-economic and cultural conditions of their upbringing impact a learner’s ability to learn scientific concepts and problem-solving skills. We create teaching strategies and high-impact learning practices, and collect data of how students from historically underrepresented and minority groups perceive the common course curricula and perform. Data collected from these studies help us continuously improve our course offerings to achieve maximum leveling of the playing field and help bridge gaps in student achievement and opportunity.
  4. Scientific writing

    a. Although a majority of student population in the US has a good English language reading and speaking abilities, almost all students need training in writing – particularly scientific writing. Understanding how varying student expression of views, ideas and findings from spoken to written and comparing to what they hear and learn would help us create strategies for training science students in proper writing and expressing.
  5. Design and development of chemistry experiment demonstrations for entry-level college students and high school students aspiring to pursue science studies at college and science-based careers.

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