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Dr. Kristen Meisenheimer

Associate Professor


Organic Chemistry


B.S. Biochemistry - Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
Ph.D. Chemistry - University of Colorado, Boulder

Office: Baker Center - Bldg 180 - 404

Phone: (805) 756-1672


Research: Meisenheimer Lab

Research Interests

  • Reactivity profiling of relevant natural products.
    a)  Synthetic modifications to biologically active natural products
    b)   Purification and characterization of the synthetically modified natural products
  • Mechanistic studies of thioester hydrolysis
    a)  Synthesis of various thioesters and isotopically labeled thioesters
    b)   Kinetic studies of thioester hydrolysis by NMR and HPLC
  • Development of organic chemistry experiments using flash chromatography

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