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Everyone has favorite web sites. So do we. This is a page to which everyone can contribute. So if you have a favorite that is related to chem or biochem, send it to and we will look at it. Meanwhile enjoy some picks!

  • - This is your professional organization. There are lots of features including the molecule of the week, links to meetings, chemistry headlines, image of the week.
  • The Why Files: Science Behind the News - Created by the University of Wisconsin to examine the scientific side of stories in and out of the current news
  • Web Elements - Best online authoritative resource for information on the elements, their properties and compounds.
  • The Periodic Table of Comic Books
  • NOVA: Science Now - Interesting current science topics such as stem cells, pandemic flu, and the sense of taste.
  • Critter Chemistry - Chemistry isn't confined to laboratories and classrooms. Nature is full of chemistry, too. "Critter Chemistry" demonstrates the active role chemistry takes in the animal kingdom.
  • Journal of Chemical Education - Published by the Division of Chemical Education of the American Chemical Society

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