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Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
California Polytechnic State University
San Luis Obispo, CA  93407
Phone: 805–756-2693
Fax: 805–756-5500

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Technical Staff
Tenured & Tenure Track
Part-Time Faculty
Faculty Emeriti

Department Office

Name Email
Candace McNabb

Technical Staff

Name Email
Celine DiBernardo
Tom Featherstone
Andrea Laubscher
Lisa Liu
Paul Shires
Michele (Shelley) Zoff

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Tenured & Tenure Track

Name Title Email
Philip S. Bailey Professor, Director of the Frost Fund
Emily Bockmon Assistant Professor
Seth Bush Professor, Chair
Tammy Campbell Assistant Professor
Jennifer Carroll Professor
Philip Costanzo Professor
Scott Eagon Associate Professor
Raymond Fernando Professor, Endowed Chair, Polymers & Coatings
Emily Fogle Professor
Derik Frantz Associate Professor
Anya Goodman Professor
Derek Gragson Professor, Associate Dean CSM
John Hagen Professor
Leslie Hamachi Assistant Professor
M. Taylor Haynes II Assistant Professor
Michael Heying Assistant Professor
Chad Immoos Professor
Eric Jones Associate Professor
Eric Kantorowski Professor
Kevin Kingsbury Professor
Alan Kiste Associate Professor
Corinne Lehr Professor
Andres Martinez Associate Professor
Ashley McDonald Associate Professor
Grace Ann Neff Professor
Javin Oza Assistant Professor
Hasan Palandoken Professor
Erik Sapper Assistant Professor
Gregory Scott Associate Professor
Sandra Ward Assistant Professor
Katharine Watts Associate Professor
Steven Wilkinson Assistant Professor

Shanju Zhang

Associate Professor

David Zigler Assistant Professor
Matthew Zoerb Assistant Professor

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Name Specialty Email
Tsvetan Aleksandrov Physical Chemistry
Daniel Bercovici Organic Chemistry
Francesco Contu Materials Chemistry
Jay Erker Physical Chemistry
Arumugasamy Elangovan Organic/Materials Chemistry
Nisa S. Morey Inorganic Chemistry
Jennifer Retsek Inorganic/Physical Chemistry
Randon Walker Organic Chemistry
Adam Groves Biochemistry; Molecular Biology
Joanna Laird Chemical Biology
Bradley Moran Physical Chemistry

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Faculty Emeriti

Name Email
Linda Atwood  
Christina A. Bailey
Albert Censullo
Robert Cichowski
Lee Coombs
Norman Eatough  
Leland Endres
Thomas Frey
John Goers
Ralph Jacobson
Dane Jones
David Keeling
John Marlier
John Maxwell
Neil Moir
M. (Peggy) Rice
Michael Silvestri
Jan Simek
Russell Tice

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