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Dr. Matthew Zoerb

Assistant Professor


Analytical Chemistry
Atmospheric Chemistry


Postdoc - UC San Diego, 2013-2015
Ph.D. Chemistry - UC Berkeley, 2012
B.S. Chemistry - UT Chattanooga, 2006

Office: Baker Center - Bldg. 180 - 304A

Phone: (805) 756-2578


Research Webpage

Research Interests:

Atmospheric chemistry with a focus on aerosol particle composition and formation

  • Organic aerosol: Sources and reactivity, gas-phase aerosol precursors
    • Biological production, marine photosynthetic production
    • Wildfires, combustion
    • Anthropogenic, industrial sources
  • Ambient aerosol measurement, instrument/method development
    • Chemical composition, size distributions
    • Field and laboratory sampling and measuremen
    • Mass spectrometry, spectroscopy, particle sizing techniques

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