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The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry offers several degree programs.

B.S. Chemistry with an option of a concentration in Polymers and Coatings.

B.S. Biochemistry with an option of a concentration in Polymers and Coatings.

Both B.S. degrees also have a pathway to a teaching credential.  Click on the Teaching Option in the right hand menu.

M.S. in Polymers and Coatings Science - this can be combined with either B.S. degree in a 4 + 1 program (see Dr. Ray Fernando, Endowed Chair for Polymers and Coatings, for further information).

More information can be found in the online catalog.

A list of projected course offerings can also be seen here.


Apply Now for the ACS Scholars Program

The ACS Scholars Program is now accepting online applications for scholarships that will begin in the 2015-2016 academic year. Go to for complete details and access to the online application system. Interested students can also contact us by e-mail at, by telephone at 202-872-6250, by fax at 202-872-4361, or by regular mail to ACS Scholars Program, 1155 16th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036. The deadline to receive completed applications and supporting documents is March 1, 2015.


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