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Course Flowsheets: B.S. Biochemistry (PDF) B.S. Chemistry (PDF)
B.S. Biochemistry with Polymers (PDF) B.S. Chemistry with Polymers (PDF) B.S. Biochem/Chem with Teaching

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Information on General Education Requirements can be found in the University Catalog.

Click here to read our Program Objectives -- what our students are expected to master before they can earn their degree.

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Polymers and Coatings Concentration

The Chemistry & Biochemistry Department at Cal Poly offers B.S. degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry, with a concentration in Polymers and Coatings. The Polymers and Coatings Program is unique in the Western U.S. and prepares students for careers or graduate study in the field of polymers and coatings. The curriculum includes the physical and organic chemistry of polymers, surface chemistry, coatings science, and extensive laboratory work. All students participate in an industrial internship as part of the Polymers and Coatings concentration, usually during the summer. Industry sponsored scholarships are available for qualified Polymers and Coatings students for all years while at Cal Poly. Graduates are in high demand for employment in California and elsewhere. Students enrolled in the undergraduate program have the option of enrolling in a B.S. + M.S. blended program as well.

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