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M.S. in Polymers and Coatings Science

The M.S. in Polymers and Coatings Science offers a unique program closely tied to industry. Students gain academic preparation in polymers and coatings science through lecture and laboratory courses, then conduct a rigorous industrial internship or industry-sponsored research. While on the internship, students specialize and develop advanced skills through directed study in areas related to their internship work. The program is designed to efficiently prepare students for challenging careers in the polymers and coatings industry. The program also provides an excellent background for doctoral studies in areas related to polymer and coatings science. This program is unique in California and relies on the close relationship between the department and the polymers and coatings industry for its success.

Students interested in applying for the master’s degree program should visit the link below for more information. Additional information is available through Cal Poly’s Graduate Programs website. All applications are handled through the CSU Mentor website.

Click here for degree requirements and curriculum information.

Blended B.S./M.S. program in Polymers and Coatings

Click here for details. For more information, contact Dr. Shanju Zhang.

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