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Dr. David Zigler

David Zigler

Associate Professor


Inorganic Chemistry


Post-doc, UNC-Chapel Hill, Center for Solar Fuels

Post-doc, UC Santa Barbara

Ph.D. Chemistry, Virginia Tech.

B.S. Chemistry, Eastern Illinois University

Office: Frost Center - Bldg. 181 - 419

Phone: (805) 756-2661


Research Interests: Group Research Website

  • Artificial photosynthesis using earth-abundant transition elements
    • Synthesis of new ligands and metal complex photosensitizers
    • Computational modeling of redox and excited state properties
    • Photophysics and photochemistry using optical spectroscopies
    • Electrochemistry to study redox reactions of the new molecules
  • Interactions between quantum dots (nanoparticles) and biomolecules in the environment and body (in collaboration with Professor Jones)
    • Synthesize semiconductor nanoparticles of various sizes
    • Use optical spectroscopies (Raman, UV-Vis, Photoluminescence) to study the nanoparticle/biomolecule interface

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