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Dr. David Zigler

Assistant Professor


Inorganic Chemistry


Post-doc, UNC-Chapel Hill, Center for Solar Fuels

Post-doc, UC Santa Barbara

Ph.D. Chemistry, Virginia Tech.

B.S. Chemistry, Eastern Illinois University

Office: Baker Center - Bldg. 180 - 306A

Phone:  (805) 756-2661

E-mail:  dzigler (at) calpoly (dot) edu

David Zigler

Research Interests:

    Our research interests stem from the observation that molecular electronic excited states have unique chemical properties compared to their ground state and follow a number of important pathways to relax to the ground state.  The two reaction mechanisms that most interest us are the excited states decomposing to release caged therapeutic molecules, and initiating electron transfer reactions with biomolecules and at semiconductor interfaces.
    Our projects fall under three main thrusts:
  • Designing, synthesising, and studying new potential phototherapeutics
  • Novel photosensitizers and electron shuttles for photovoltaics
  • Designing and building new apparatus for high throughput photochemical analyses

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