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Dr. Philip Costanzo



Organic Synthesis


B.S. Chemistry - Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
Ph.D. Organic Chemistry -UC Davis
Post-doc- Army Research Center, MD

Office: Frost Center - Bldg 181 - 322

Phone: (805) 756-2692


Research Website:

Research Interests

  • Tailored polymer synthesis
    a)   Preparing polymers via controlled radical, free radical and step-growth polymerization techniques
    b)   Impart functionality utilizing functional initiators and monomers and by post-polymerization functionalization
    c)   Develop structure-property relationships
  • Characterization of stimuli-responsive materials in solution and solid state
  • Evaluation of materials for commercial applications, such as fuel-cell membranes, propellant binders, surfactants, and self-healing composite materials
  • Development of polymer synthesis experiments that probe structure-property relationships

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