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Dr. M. Taylor Haynes II

Associate Professor


Organic Chemistry
Organometallic Chemistry


Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Michigan
M.S. Post-Secondary Science Education, University of Michigan
B.S. Chemistry, UC Irvine

Office: Frost Center - Bldg. 181 - 420

Phone:  (805) 756-1394


Research Website

Research Interests:

Organometallics method development

  • Expanding the synthetic utility of copper-catalyzed aerobic oxidations through the development of a series of tandem reactionsSynthetic organic chemistry
    • Developments in this area have elucidated a divergent method that allows for the selective synthesis of either 1,3-diones or α,β-  unsaturated ketones from a common set of starting materials
  • Studying the effects of a highly tunable ligand framework on the photophysical properties of Iron(II) complexes
    • A Tridentate ligand core consisting of a pyridine and two N-Heterocyclic Carbenes that can be finely tuned by adjusting the steric and electronic parameters of each binding site and studying the subsequent effects on the electronic properties of Iron(II) complexes

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