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Dr. Erik Sapper

Dr. Erik Sapper

Associate Professor


Test Method Development
Service Life Prediction
Multi-scale Modeling


Ph.D. Coatings & Polymeric Materials - North Dakota State University, 2013

M.S. Polymers & Coating Science - California Polytechnic State University, 2007

B.S. Chemistry, California Polytechnic State University, 2007

Office:  Baker Science - Bldg. 180 - 304E

Phone:  (805) 756-1663


Research Interests

Using math, statistics, models, and machine learning to design new coatings and polymeric materials from the perspective of defeating failure, breakdown and degradation while optimizing performance and functionality.

  • Organic coatings and polymeric materials
    • Lifetime prediction of coatings in service environments
    • Color and appearance of coatings
    • Coatings for corrosive and extreme environments
    • Coating failure modes and test method development
    • Electrochemistry, sensors and in situ measurement
  • Computational design of materials
    • Multiscale modeling of material performance
    • Quantitative structure-activity relationships
    • Materials informatics and chemometrics
    • Bayesian networks and probabilistic graphical models
    • Autonomous science and evolutionary algorithms


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