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Dr. Hasan Palandoken



Organic Chemistry


B.S. Chemistry, CSU Chico 1993
M.S. Organic Chemistry, University of California, Davis 1997
Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, University of California, Davis 2006

Office: Baker Center - Bldg 180 - 406

Phone: (805) 756-1591


Research Interests:

  • Broad field of organic synthesis
  • Medicinal chemistry
    • Investigation of cell surface ion exchangers as expedient molecular targets for a new brain cancer therapy
    • Synthesis of cell surface ion exchange inhibitors and their prodrug forms
  • Polymer chemistry
    • Study of the alkoxyamine (RONH2) functional group in new materials as versatile ligating sites for carbonyl (e.g. aldehyde/ketone) substrates
    • Synthesis and characterization of alkoxyamine polymers
    • Testing the alkoxyamine polymers for the selective immobilization, molecular presentation, and controlled release of various carbonyl compounds (i.e. pharmaceuticals, biomolecules)


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