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Dr. Andres Martinez

Associate Professor


Analytical Chemistry


B.S. Stanford University
Ph.D. Harvard University

Office: Frost Center - Bldg. 181 - 421

Phone: 805-756-2744



Research Interests

My research is focused on the development of simple and portable diagnostic tests that could be useful for diagnosing disease or detecting analytes in the field.  My group works primarily with devices made out of paper and studies everything from capillary wicking of fluids in paper to the shelf life of reagents stored on paper-based devices.  Students in my research group learn about fabrication, fluid dynamics, qualitative and quantitative analysis and global health (and we get to work with cool tools like a liquid dispensing robot, a laser cutter, a 3D printer and an environmental chamber).  

  • PRE-REQ: Creativity, curiosity and a strong work ethic.  No specific course work is required.  For more information, please visit




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