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Dr. Derek Gragson

Derek Gragson

Associate Dean



Physical Chemistry


B.S. Chemistry, Physics Minor - CSU Hayward - 1991
M.S. Chemistry - University of Oregon - 1995
Ph.D. Physical Chemistry - University of Oregon - 1997

Office: Faculty Offices East - Bldg. 25 - 227

Phone: (805) 756-7154


Research Interests

  • Polymer adsorption at solid/liquid and liquid/liquid interfaces
    • Kinetic studies using second harmonic generation, ATR-FTIR, and interfacial tensiometry
    • Equilibrium measurements using interfacial tensiometry and AFM 
  • Protein adsorption at liquid/liquid interfaces in the presence of interfacial polymeric films.
    • Effects of pH, ionic strength, and surface charge density on the adsorption of simple proteins to interfaces with polymeric films present
  • Adsorption of polysoaps to liquid/liquid, liquid/air, and liquid/solid interfaces
  • Development of p-chem experiments that explore interfacial phenomena

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