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Madeline Schultz Earns Citizenship Award

Madeline Schultz, Santa Monica High School graduate and now Cal Poly graduate with a bachelor's degree in chemistry, is recognized with the Cal Poly Chemistry and Biochemistry Department Citizenship 2019-2020 Award.   

Schultz was nominated by several members of the department who unanimously supported the award. Described as a dedicated student and pleasant worker, she represented the department at multiple conferences and was a role model to high school students.  

Schultz said she was drawn to chemistry because of the many opportunities for practical application. At Cal Poly she worked with analytical chemistry for environmental regulation.   

“I love the emphasis on Learn by Doing at Cal Poly. This has enabled me to have access to so many instruments and I feel so fortunate to be graduating college with all the experiences I've gained,” said Schultz.   

Schultz’s success was made possible with hard work and the overwhelming support from her family, she says. She credits her parents for helping her develop a strong sense of resilience. 

“They were always there to pick me up when I was down and taught me to always be positive, even when times are tough. This resilience has carried with me throughout college and has helped me be a student successful,” reflected Schultz.  

Following her studies at Cal Poly, Schultz will continue her studies at the University of Rhode Island where she plans to earn a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry.  

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