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Veera Panova Earns Academic Excellence Award

Veera PanovaVeera Panova, a Scripps Ranch High School graduate and soon to be Cal Poly graduate with a bachelor's degree in chemistry, earned the Academic Excellence Award from the Cal Poly Chemistry and Biochemistry Department. A select few students who achieve outstanding academic performance measured by cumulative grade point average receive the award.    

Each year academic departments recognize student academic performance with the top-performing students often achieving perfect GPAs of 4.0.    

Panova credits her success to a few simple practices that have helped her carry the day: Commit to projects; break down objectives into manageable tasks; surround yourself with passionate and like-minded people; and always do your best.  

“Pursue your curiosities, take risks, get started, and don’t be afraid to ask for help!,” says Panova. “It’s important to work hard and be persistent; it’s all about the journey and what you learn on the way, not just the destination.” 

Panova enjoys chemistry because of the broad opportunities for application in industry.  

“From household cleaners to rocket fuel to batteries in electric cars – we live surrounded by chemistry. It is fascinating to learn the science behind those things and apply fundamental concepts to better the products we use,” says Panova.  

As the first in her family to graduate from a college in the United States, Panova’s achievements are a family milestone.  

“It is a cornerstone that gives me a sturdy foundation to pursue an advanced degree and have a successful career. Graduating with a bachelor’s degree is just the beginning of my path towards future endeavors.”  

Following graduating from Cal Poly, Panova will relocate to Redondo Beach, CA where she accepted a position as an analytical chemist with Northrop Grumman. She also plans to apply for master’s programs in Materials Engineering in the near future.  

During her time at Cal Poly, Panova was awarded a Frost Scholarship.  

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