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The faculty and staff of our department appreciate your commitment to Cal Poly and your interest in the Chemistry and Biochemistry programs.

We take academics seriously, and getting off to the correct start is vital to your success at Cal Poly. Please read all of the information below carefully.

Once you have enrolled at Cal Poly, your college and department advisors will be available to help you select appropriate courses each term. You will use the online catalog and registration systems, PASS and CPReg, before you arrive on campus. Every summer there is a Summer Advising Program for new students, including transfers from community colleges or other universities. There are other materials available online and/or in hard copy available to help you in planning your curriculum and going through registration. If you need more personal help, contact the College of Science and Math Advising Center (a link is under the College above).

You will also be assigned a faculty advisor who can help you with academic planning, career choices, and personal issues. Be sure to make a friend on the faculty as soon as possible.

If you are entering as a freshman, we recommend that you register for ~15 units and choose as your first term courses the following:

Major Course: CHEM 127 - Chem 127 requires a solid chemistry course in high school and, at the very least, high school algebra. It is highly recommended that you have current knowledge of the basics of chemical nomenclature, atomic structure, and the mole concept.

Support Course: MATH 141(Calculus I) or appropriate level of Math. The Entry Level Math (ELM) examination is designed to assess the skill levels of entering CSU students in the areas of mathematics typically covered in three years of rigorous college preparatory mathematics courses in high school. It is strongly recommended that your ELM exam results be above 540, or that you qualify for an exemption from the exam prior to taking CHEM 127. See the University Catalog for further information.

General Education(GE): ENGL 134 and 1-2 other GE courses.
Entering freshmen eligible to take English 134 (who have not satisfied the requirement by AP credit) should try to enroll in English 134 their first quarter. Because of the high demand for this course, keep in mind that ENGL 134 is offered every quarter and, if you are not able to register in the Fall, you should make this course a priority in your winter or spring quarters.

Consult the GE course list in the 2007-2009 Cal Poly Catalog for requirements. Some appropriate choices include courses listed in Areas A2, C3, D1, D2, and D4. Advanced Placement
If you have taken Advanced Placement tests, please check the 2007-2009 Cal Poly Catalog for appropriate credit before enrolling in any courses.
The faculty and staff of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry are here to help you succeed. We extend a warm welcome and hope that you will learn and enjoy to the fullest.

Dr. Nanine VanDraanen, Chair Phone - 805-756-2694

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