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Welcome to the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry!

If you are joining us as a transfer student, take the lowest numbered courses you know you have not taken before, being mindful of the prerequisites when making your choices. Pay particular attention to completing the organic chemistry, physical chemistry, physics and calculus sequences, which are important to the following classes in your major.

You should receive registration information via email and/or postal service. This information will explain how to register during August and how to access your information through the Cal Poly Portal. A Summer Advisiing program, SOAR, is scheduled each July or early August to help with orientation and registration.

If you have any questions regarding registration and the registration system, please go online to the Cal Poly homepage for more information or you may call our College of Science and Mathematics (CSM) Advising Center at 805-756-2615. You may also visit The CSM Advising Center website.  Call the department office with specific questions (805-756-2693).

The quality of your education and your future success will be influenced, to a large degree, by your participation in university activities, particularly those related to your major department. We encourage you to become involved in the American Chemical Society Student Affiliate Chapter, Alpha Chi Sigma (professional chemistry fraternity), and/or other selected activities that will enhance your skills and broaden your perspective. This university's motto is "learn by doing," and that philosophy extends beyond the classroom.

Please feel free to ask for help with any questions concerning the recommended courses or the department. You can get in touch with me or any member of our faculty or staff by calling (805) 756 2693, or by visiting the department office in Building 25, Room 125B. and/or the Advising Center office in Building 53, Room 219 to talk with a college advisor. You will be assigned a faculty member from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry to whom you may go for advising at any time. We want you to understand your program so that you obtain the greatest benefit from it in attaining your goals.

The faculty and staff of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry are here to help you succeed. We extend a warm welcome and hope that you will learn and enjoy to the fullest.

Dr. Nanine VanDraanen, Chair

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