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Work on the Cutting Edge of Science in Chemistry and Biochemistry

Thanks to Cal Poly's Learn by Doing philosophy and our hands-on labs that allow undergraduates to work with some of the latest high-tech equipment, Cal Poly Chemistry and Biochemistry graduates are in high demand in many industries across California and the nation.

Our advantage: Students who complete a degree in biochemistry or a concentration in polymers and coatings graduate ready to start work immediately in those fields — without additional training by employers. They also find themselves ahead of their classmates from other universities in graduate education and advanced degree programs.

Our graduates are employees at private firms in traditional areas such as environmental analysis, health professions, industrial research and production, pharmacology, polymers, coatings technology, toxicology and patent law, to name only a few.

In addition, the department offers a flexible chemical education degree option for students interested in a career in middle and high school science education. If you're interested in teaching science, contact the single subject teaching credential advisor for more information.  

The department is associated with the American Chemical Society(ACS). Membership can begin with joining the Student Affiliate Chapter on campus and progress to full professional membership upon graduation. The ACS provides career advice online and employment warehouses at its biannual national meetings. In addition, current information can be accessed at the ACS Career Blog.

Information on internships and graduate education can be found on the bulletin boards of the 4th level of Baker Center.

International Research Experiences for Undergraduates (IREUs) 

To find out more about the program, click here

Becoming Your Own Boss - Entrepreneurs

Watch a series of webinars from the American Chemical Society on how to be an entrepreneur by clicking here.  

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